‘Former Prince Back In Romania To Await Birth Of Child’

  January 28, 2016 at 12:41 pm by

Nicholas Medforth-Mills will return to Romania in February amidst controvercy to await the birth of his child, claims a Romanian news outlet. Nicholas is the grandson of ex-king Mihai of Romania (94), who changed the succession rules in 2007, which made Nicholas 3rd in line of the defunct Romanian throne . As HRH prince Nicholas of Romania he was expected to eventually succeed his grandfather, aunt and mother as head of the ROmanian royal family.

However, on August 1st 2015 his grandfather signed another document that striped Nicholas of his title, prefix and succession rights. The document contained the wish that  “Nicholas will find in future years a suitable way to serve the ideals and use the qualities that God gave him”. Stunned royalty watchers speculated about the reason for this move.

All sorts of malicious rumours soon appeared in the press. Some suspect that Nicholas’ aunt Crown Princess Margarita and her husband Prince Radu were behind these rumours. In November the real reason for the surprising move by the king became clear. It appeared that the unmarried prince Nicholas conceived an extramarital child with the Romanian Nicoleta Cirjan in July 2015.  The child is supposed to be born in the beginning of 2016. It is hoped that the birth of a child will bring the family closer together.

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4 Responses to ‘Former Prince Back In Romania To Await Birth Of Child’

  1. Stefano Pilati says:

    …what a sad state of affairs!

  2. Pamela, Parizo says:

    Why are, they so shocked and surprised? King Carol II, Michaels father, Sis the same thing. Michael has an older half-brother, who if he had been born in wedlock, would’ve been king.

  3. M Alexander says:

    This private family situation was terribly mis-managed from the very beginning. I’m not saying its proper to bring a child into the world with unmarried parents – especially if one of them is a titled member of royalty but, in this day & age and… taking into consideration the history of the Romanian Royal family and all of their scandals with babies being born as a result of affairs and out of wedlock, this situation, if its to even be called that, could have been handled with more sensitivity and intelligence.
    Can this family now cope with the possibility that should Nicholas have a son, he represents the next generation of what may have been the next in the line of the succession in the male line especially if he marries the baby’s mother.
    I still wish Nicholas all the best, he was treated shabbily and essentially left “out to dry” as it were despite his popularity and obvious traits needed to be a competent Prince but evidently this wasn’t enough… My estimation of the Romanian Royal family was lessened because of this – shame!

  4. Diana Lucia Zotescu says:

    Of course we all loved former Prince Nicolas. However, our King Michael is a person of His principles. He could not demand from His grandson any less than He, as a child, a teenager and then a young king could accept fron His own father, King Carol the IInd. In other words, the same principle applies in both cases: morganatic mariages and children out of wedlock are incompatible to an heir to the throne. It may seem oldfashioned and not in keeping with the today’s tendencies in the other Royal Families, but when it comes to Romania, the rules imposed by the Statute of the Royal Family still stand, since these rules are meant to prevent exactly those aspects that lead to bringing to Romania, in 1866, a foreign Prince (Carol the Ist, who would become Romania’s first king in 1881), namely to put an end to the many conflicts among the many local princes in their pursuit of winning the crown. That meant that no male heir would be allowed to marry a local lady.

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