A Teary Duchess of Cornwall Meets Domestic Violence Survivors

  January 27, 2016 at 9:17 pm by

The Duchess of Cornwall struggled to hold back her tears during a visit to the offices of charity SafeLives, which helps to protect victims of partner or family violence.

Camilla met with and listened to the stories of a number of women touched by domestic violence. One woman’s story appeared to effect the Duchess the most: as she listened to Diana Parkes explain how her daughter Joanna was murdered by her ex-husband, Camilla bit her lip and fought back the tears that were forming.

“It’s so important that people like yourselves speak up otherwise we gloss over it. And this is too important an issue to ignore…Stories like this just have to be aired otherwise domestic abuse becomes a taboo subject,” she said to the group during the meeting.

The Duchess has for many years worked to help rape and abuse victims.

The Duchess struggled to hold back tears as she listened to stories of domestic abuse

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  1. maria carmen says:

    sarebbe una regina perfetta.

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