Spanish King and Queen Attend Pascua Militar

  January 6, 2016 at 5:10 pm by

The King and Queen of Spain today presided over the annual Pascua Militar parade in the Armoury Square of the Royal Palace of Madrid.

Dressed in the Captain General uniform of the Spanish Military, Felipe VI reviewed the formation of the Royal Guard and took a 21-gun salute, with his wife – who wore a black dress with a lace overlay and a white jacket – by his side. It was then inside the Palace for a reception with the Chiefs of the three military branches, the Civil Guard and the Brotherhood of Veterans.


King Felipe delivered a speech at the reception in which he thanked the military and civil guard for their services over the past year, most recently the Military Emergency Unit which deals with natural disasters (there has been large bushfires in northern Spain in the past weeks).

Pascua Militar is a ceremony that dates back to 1782 and the reign of Carlos III. The King held the event for the first time on the day of Epiphany to celebrate the Spanish army retaking possession of Minorca from the British.

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