On This Day: Death of “Motherdear”, Queen Alexandra of the United Kingdom

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Today marks the ninetieth anniversary of the death of Queen Alexandra of the United Kingdom, born a Princess of Denmark.

Less than two weeks before her 81st birthday, the-then Queen Mother suffered a heart attack on November 19 at her home, Sandringham House. Her family was summoned to her bedside, as the news made it to London that she was in a critical condition. She died at 5:25pm on Friday November 20, 1925.

Queen Alexandra, ca. 1910

Upon her death, the Lord Mayor of London described Queen Alexandra as “a much revered and universally beloved public personality”.

Her funeral took place on November 28 at Westminster Abbey, with a large contingent of royals – including the Kings of Denmark, Norway and Belgium and the Queen of Spain – in attendance for a final farewell. Alexandra was interred beside her husband, Edward VII, at St George’s Chapel, Windsor Castle.

Queen Alexandra’s funeral cortege leaves Sandringham, November 1925

Queen Alexandra was born in December 1844 as the eldest daughter of the future King Christian IX of Denmark and his wife Louise of Hesse-Kassel. She had five siblings, three of whom also became monarch or consort of varying countries across Europe. In 1863, Alexandra married the heir to the British throne, Prince Albert Edward. They had six children, five living to adulthood.

Descendants of Alexandra and Edward can today be found in the royal families of Britain and Norway.

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