Dutch State Visit to China: Day Three

  October 27, 2015 at 12:20 pm by

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While Queen Maxima is still suffering from the kidney infection and is on her way back to the Netherlands, King Willem-Alexander continued today, Tuesday October 27, the State Visit to China.

The King arrived this morning in Yan’an, in north-central China. He visited the Loess Plateau. A plateau situated in the upper and middle reaches of China’s Yellow River. The plateau, due to centuries of deforestations and erosions, suffered of ecosystem degeneration and desertification. Since 1994 started a project to mitigate the desertification by planting trees and changing the method of farmers. During the visit, the King visited an apple farm.

Click to view full image on www.koninklijkhuis.nl

Click to view full image on www.koninklijkhuis.nl

The visit ended in the square of Yan’an where the King watched a performance of a traditional folkloric dance created 2000 years ago during the Qin and The Han dinasty.

Later, King Willem-Alexander was present at the signing of a cooperation agreement about climate and water conservation between the University of Wageningen and the Chinese Academy of Science. In the afternoon the King arrived in Shanghai where he attended a reception with the Dutch community living in China.

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