Happy 30th Birthday Princess Tessy of Luxembourg

  October 28, 2015 at 1:00 am by

Princess Tessy of Luxembourg turns 30 years old today.

Born on October 28, 1985, Tessy Antony is the daughter of François Antony and his wife Régine Anne and has 3 siblings. Tessy graduated from high school and joined the army with her brothers at the age of 18. While she was in the army, she met Prince Louis during one of his visits.

In March 2006, Princess Tessy gave birth to a son which she had with Prince Louis. On September 29, 2006 Louis and Tessy got married. Upon their marriage, Prince Louis gave up succession rights for himself and his descendants but still held the title Prince of Luxembourg and the style of Royal Highness. The couple’s children were given the surname de Nassau with no titles. The couple welcomed their second son in September 2007.

On Luxembourg’s National Day on June 23, 2009, Grand Duke Henri issued a Grand-Ducal decree granting Tessy the title of Princess of Luxembourg and Princess of Bourbon-Parma with the style Her Royal Highness. The same proclamation gave the title Prince of Nassau and style Royal Highness to their sons, Gabriel and Noah, and to their possible future children. In 2012, Princess Tessy received the Order of Civil and Military Merit of Adolph of Nassau.

Princess Tessy went on to finish her studies, she graduated from the Richmond American University in London with a Bachelor’s Degree in International Relations and then continued her Master’s Degree in diplomatic studies at a University in London, where she graduated from in 2014.

Princess Tessy is seen at various official events in Luxembourg with her husband and children.

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4 Responses to Happy 30th Birthday Princess Tessy of Luxembourg

  1. Lelly says:

    Think you mean she’s 30 if she was born in 1985.

  2. Tonz says:

    We have the same birth year but as far as I know I’m turning 30 this year! Lucky her, still turning 28. 😀

    Anyway, happy birthday to a down-to-earth, lovely lady!

  3. Night says:

    You got a mistake here. She’s either 28 or born in 1985 :).

  4. Natalya says:

    Well done, You Highness ! Happy Birthday and the most wonderful comings to your life! Happiness may be chasing you wherever you go !

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