The Duke Of Calabria’s Funeral

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On October 8, the Duke of Calabria’s burial and funeral took place at the Pantheon of Princes in El Escorial in San Lorenzo de El Escorial, a town near Madrid in Spain.

The funeral service was attended by the current and former monarchs of Spain (the late Duke had a close friendship with his cousin, King Juan Carlos) as well as Infanta Elena and Infanta Cristina, who flew from Geneva to pay respects to her late relative. Members of the French, Portuguese, Bourbon-Two Sicilies and Bulgarian royal families were also present at the funeral, as well as some members of the Austrian Imperial Family.

On the previous day the late Duke’s lying in state took place which was attended by his 97 year old mother, Infanta Alicia, as well as King Felipe, Queen Letizia, King Juan Carlos, Queen Sofia, Infanta Elena, Simeon of Bulgaria and Princess Adelaide of Orleans.

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