Heart of Marie of Romania to Rest at Pelişor Castle

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It has been announced that the heart of Queen Marie of Romania, the grandmother of the current head of the Royal Family of Romania, will be moved to Pelişor Castle in Sinaia, which has been selected as the heart’s final resting place.

The Queen, who was born a Princess of Edinburgh in 1875 and was a granddaughter of Queen Victoria, died in July 1938 at the Castle, and had requested that her heart be removed from her body and be kept in a silver box at the specifically designed chapel in Balchik. When the town was ceded to Bulgaria in 1940, the Queen’s heart was taken to Bran Castle before being transferred to the National Museum of Romanian History in Bucharest when the castle was seized by the Communist Regime in 1948. It has remained at the museum ever since.

At Pelişor Castle, which is located in the complex of Peleș Castle and was a residence of Queen Marie and her husband, Ferdinand I, the Queen’s heart will be placed in the Golden Hall, behind the couch where her “heart beat for the last time”.

The transfer will take place on November 3 and will involve members of the royal family, as well as descendants of Queen Marie’s youngest daughter, Archduchess Ileana of Austria.

Queen Marie of Romania, 1931

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