Princess Madeleine and Children Have Moved to London

  August 26, 2015 at 9:07 pm by

Following Chris O’Neill’s move to England’s capital city in April, Princess Madeleine and the couple’s two children, Princess Leonore and Prince Nicolas, have also moved, although they are not officially registered as residents of London.

The family’s stay in Sweden was temporary, though to be in the line of succession to the Swedish throne, little Leonore and Nicolas have to have their education in Sweden. According to Swedish newspaper Expressen, Madeleine and Chris made the decision to move to London due to Chris’s job.

During an earlier interview, Chris stated “I and Madeleine have now taken the decision that we are going to stay in London for me to do my job. I do not want the evening to come home to a hotel room myself. I want to come home to family and eat dinner together. Everything else is not important. It is I who puts food on the table. I must think first and foremost about our little family.”

It is not yet known whether Leonore and Nicolas will have their education in Sweden or in England.

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4 Responses to Princess Madeleine and Children Have Moved to London

  1. Marco Scotti says:

    “everything else is not importance” how arrogant!

  2. Bea Franklin says:

    He is married to a princess so he know what to say to stay in with the royals.

  3. mammacats says:

    He is right. Family is of the utmost importance. You can replace things, but family and all the memories are irreplaceable. I like him, he is not weak man.

  4. Cheesy says:

    Honestly, you think the his position married to a young woman way down the line of succession should mean he gives up his life?

    Yes, he knew she was a princess when he married her, but SHE knew who he was too.

    He’s not arrogant. He is a family man. And clearly his wife shares his values. Go for them in putting their family ahead of the crown.

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