Further Statements Regarding Romania’s Former Prince Nicolae

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Following Monday’s announcement that King Michael of Romania had removed his grandson, Nicholas, from the succession to the defunct Romanian throne, as well as stripping him of his title, much discussion was had – and is still being had – about the circumstances of why the action was taken.

Nicholas Medforth-Mills released a statement of his own on the matter, stating that “this decision, which I accept, comes after a period in while I have reflected on the future of the country and our Royal House” and that the position “demanded that I lead my life in a way that I found difficult to assume.”

The former Prince also thanked the Romanian people for their support, trust and hopes, as well as the public authorities he dealt with during his five years as a Romanian Prince in support of his charity work. “I shall continue to dedicate myself to ecological, charitable and youth work, about which I have learned so many things during my time in Romania,” Nicholas also said.

A spokesperson for the royal house, Ioan-Luca Vlad, spoke with the media, clarifying that there is still a line of succession beyond Crown Princess Margarita, King Michael’s eldest daughter (the initial communications were in Romanian, which led to some incorrect online translations of the official statement until it was provided fully in English). He also stated that the Head of the House has the option to select an heir based on what they deem best, and that the King’s decision now allows Mr Medforth-Mills to “pursue his goals in a private capacity.”

There have been a number of theories as to why King Michael took this action regarding his grandson, from jealous family members to the former Prince having gambling debts. At this stage, it is unlikely that we will learn the real reason for the removal, and will have to wait some years to see the direction the Romanian Royal House goes in.

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2 Responses to Further Statements Regarding Romania’s Former Prince Nicolae

  1. M Alexander says:

    Having met King Michael some years ago as well as Crown Princess Margarita and knowing of the important work they both undertook during the immediate years after the downfall of the communist government in Bucharest, I can’t help but think that with all of the sensitive and mindful words which could have been used to describe and explain that perhaps the former Prince Nicolas simply found the constraints of royal life and its protocols not to his liking, the King used words like respect, modesty and above all someone who thinks of others – which to me perfectly describes this young man to a “T”.
    Instead, the message can be easily misinterpreted that the King was in some way dis-satisfied with the conduct of his Grandson, who had accumulated a lot of admiration in Romania over the last five or so years – and is terribly cryptic in its content. This I think has done great harm to the reputation and image of the Royal family and has left Nicolas essentially out in the cold, so to speak.
    I really wish that in the immediate days or weeks, the King himself explains why in simple terms why this was done and that he in no way wished to imply that his Grandson was not a dedicated, mindful and respectful young member of the royal family but perhaps without the burden of a princely title, he will be better placed to fulfil his aspirations and future for himself and if he chooses, a family of his own.

    M Alexander

  2. Jan says:

    Very Good. I’m glad King Michael of Romania did it. His grandson maybe is ” son of a gun ” ,no good haha.

    Best regards to King Michael of Romania

    Prince Jan

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