Camilla Grabs An Ice-Cream At The Hampton Court Flower Show

  July 1, 2015 at 6:49 pm by

As Britain sweltered through its hottest day in years, the Duchess of Cornwall found one way to keep the heat at bay – indulging in an ice-cream cone while attending the RHS Hampton Court Flower Show.

The Duchess toured the 25th edition of the flower show using a parasol to shield herself from the sun. One of the exhibitions, the Scarecrow Display, saw Camilla pose for a photograph with a Mr Tickle made of recycled plastic bags.

She also visited the garden put together by Scotty’s Little Soldiers, an organisation providing support to children who have a parent who was killed while serving in the British armed forces. The Duchess spoke with two such children and spent time reading the messages written on yellow ribbons tied to a tree.

Earlier in the day, Camilla welcomed the founders of the charity Floral Angels,  Frances Hunter, Julie Ritter, Amanda Romaine and Katrien McCarthy, to Clarence House where she helped to create a floral bouquet that was delivered to Maggie’s Cancer Care Centre, of which the Duchess is President. The Duchess told the ‘Angels’ that she puts lemonade in her flowers to help keep them fresh longer.

VIDEO: The Duchess makes a floral arrangement with Floral Angels

Floral Angels recycles flowers used at large events and remakes them into secondary floral displays that are then given to in-need community organisations like hospitals and hospices.

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