Crown Prince Frederik at School Olympics Final

  June 11, 2015 at 4:56 pm by

The Crown Prince of Denmark today was present at the final of the School Olympics at the Østerbro Stadium.

View the full image at Kongehuset

View the full image at Kongehuset

Around 7,600 students from 320 schools around the country participated in the sports day, which mirrored the actual Olympics but on a smaller scale (naturally!). All the students marched around the stadium in their school groups, the Danish national anthem was played and Crown Prince Frederik gave a welcoming address.

“Today, it is important to hide your phone – and other things you usually fumble with – now, it’s about being present in the moment…It’s about performance that matters in the end mostly for yourself, because you get something out of it….Sport is invaluable. You get a clearer view of things,” he said to the athletes.

Frederik helped the Mayor of Copenhagen, Frank Jensen, start the first running race and was on hand later in the afternoon to celebrate the winners.

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