Mathilde voted most popular European princess by PdV

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From TRF Avatar Gallery

From TRF Avatar Gallery

Princess Mathilde was voted the most popular and best future Queen Consort by a poll of the French royalty magazine Point de Vue. She received 47,8% of the votes, and led the poll by a large margin. Second in the poll was the Dutch Princess Máxima (21,1%), closely followed by Letizia, the Princess of Asturias (17,8%). Only 10% of the votes went to Mary of Denmark, and Mette-Marit of Norway got less than 3%.

According to PdV, Princess Mathilde won because of her softness, charm, and competences.

PdV also made a list of most popular queens, which is headed by Queen Sofia of Spain (54,1%), followed by Queen Silvia of Sweden (26,4%) and Queen Paola of Belgium (14,1%).

Of course, this is only the opinion of those who voted in the polls…with which I just mean to say that this poll can best be viewed as a reflection of the opinion of the PdV readership, it is not necessarily the opinion of all the royalty lovers around the globe. Nevertheless, it is a great honour for Princess Mathilde that she is so popular. Only recently, she was named one of Vanity Fair‘s Best Dressed, and she also got an award from Belgian Elle.

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