Swedish Royal Wedding: A Tiara For Sofia

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The most speculated topic regarding Saturday’s upcoming Swedish royal wedding is whether or not Sofia Hellqvist will wear a tiara from the Bernadotte collection, and if so, which one it will be.

Let’s take a look at three of the tiaras used at the most recent weddings in the royal family:

The tiara most associated with royal weddings in Sweden is the Cameo Tiara, which was worn by Queen Silvia and Crown Princess Victoria at their respective weddings in 1976 and 2010. Two of King Carl Gustaf’s sisters, Princesses Birgitta and Désirée, also wore the Cameo as a wedding tiara. The Cameo Tiara came to Sweden through Josephine of Leuchtenberg after being originally owned by her grandmother, Joséphine de Beauharnais, first wife of Napoleon I.

For her wedding two years ago, Princess Madeleine opted for the Modern Fringe Tiara that is believed to have been given to her mother, Queen Silvia, by the King as a tenth wedding anniversary gift. The tiara – described only as a private piece by the Royal Court – features vertical spikes shaped similar to a fleur-de-lys of decreasing heights as they head away from the centre of the tiara.

The Connaught Diamond Tiara has been used once as a wedding tiara, back in 1974, when the King’s sister, Princess Christina, chose it to complete her wedding outfit. The tiara – all diamonds featuring forget-me-not floral loops with dangling pear-drop diamonds – came to the Swedish royal family via Princess Margaret of Connaught, paternal grandmother of King Carl Gustaf, who received it as a wedding gift from her parents (hence its current name). Princess Madeleine wore it to her sister’s wedding in 2010. (According to our poll at TRF, the Connaught Tiara is the family tiara most favoured for Saturday’s nuptials).

Other possible options include either the Four or Six Button Tiaras, the Baden Fringe Tiara or the Amethyst Tiara (although with coloured stones, the Amethyst is unlikely as wedding tiaras typically are either diamonds or pearls).

Check out our poll on Sofia’s potential wedding tiara here and cast your vote if you haven’t already!

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2 Responses to Swedish Royal Wedding: A Tiara For Sofia

  1. Lisa Bohl says:

    It’s very nteresting! Everyone but my mother and I (who are royalty related to just about every royal in Europe!) don’t get tiaras, pretty clothes, etc.! Every woman should get one to wear, we are all princesses to Queen Eve, the woman who bore the first royal family!

  2. mslewis says:

    I think that Cameo Tiara is just hideous. It’s so BIG and has so much stuff on it. I understand why she wore it but it really did overwhelm Victoria. It looked to be so heavy it was falling to the side of her head most of the time. Madeleine was very smart not to wear it at her wedding.

    I vote for the Connaught for Sofia to wear on Saturday and Prince Carl should eventually buy her her own tiara for future use by Sofia and future daughters.

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