Princess Isabella Baptises Ferry in Samsø

  June 6, 2015 at 11:35 pm by

It was a mother-daughter day for Crown Princess Mary and Princess Isabella today on the island of Samsø, where the eight-year-old undertook her first official engagement, the baptism of a ferry boat named M/F Prinsesse Isabella.

A large crowd of locals came out to welcome the royal pair at their first stop, Sælvig Harbour, where Princess Isabella sent a bottle of cranberry juice made from island berries flying into the ferry boat’s hull. “It’s really big to have your own ship. A ferry that other people can see,” the young royal said in a short interview with TV2 afterwards, describing her favourite part of the baptism being able to honk the ferry’s horn. Isabella was also presented with a set of jewellery by Samsø’s mayor, Marcel Meijer.

It was then on to Samsø Berries, where Isabella – already sporting her new necklace – and Mary spent some time picking strawberries. And tasting quite a few too!

The final part of the visit took place at Samsø Nature School. The two Princesses each put on a pair of waders and got themselves waist-deep in the water to learn about the marine life around the island.

Princess Isabella, under the watchful eye of her mother, showed off her adventurous side a short time later at the Falcon Centre Samsø when she held both an owl and a falcon with the help of a trainer. The young Princess, however, is not a fan of eels, describing them as “disgusting” when offered to touch one (her mother had a giggle at her comment). During the visit to the Nature School, Isabella also fed a ram and patted a fox.

Princess Isabella holds an owl while visiting the island of Samsø, June 6

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