On This Day: Birth of George V of the United Kingdom

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June 3, 2015 marks the 150th anniversary of the birth of King George V of the United Kingdom.

George Frederick Ernest Albert was born at Marlborough House in London as the second son of the then Prince of Wales, Albert Edward, and his wife Alexandra of Denmark. He had five siblings: Prince Albert Victor, Princess Louise, Princess Victoria, Princess Maud and Prince Alexander John.

The Prince was educated with his elder brother, even entering the British navy together as young teens. As he was not expected to take the throne, Prince George continued a career in the navy for many years until the Prince Albert Victor died from pneumonia in January 1892. His death dumped George up one position, making him the heir apparent to his father.

In July 1893, Prince George – who by now had been created Duke of York – married Princess May of Teck, the bride chosen by his grandmother Queen Victoria for his elder brother. The couple had a loving marriage which was blessed with six children: the future Edward VIII, the future George VI, Princess Mary, Countess of Harewood, Prince Henry, Duke of Gloucester, Prince George, Duke of Kent and Prince John.

Upon the death of his father, Edward VII, in May 1910, Prince George became King of the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland. Shortly after his reign began, King George was faced with a Europe at war and had to implement a number of measures to keep his throne after the fall of the German, Austrian and Russian monarchies. In July 1917, he changed the name of the royal house from Saxe-Coburg and Gotha to Windsor, in a move to appease anti-German sentiment. The King also relinquished all German titles and made members of his family do the same.

The King became ill in the late 1920s, and never fully recovered from a bout of septicaemia he had in 1929. On January 20, 1936 King George died at Sandringham House, the royal estate in Norfolk.

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  1. Lady Lisa says:

    Happy “150th Anniversary” Birthday, King George V!


    Lady Lisa

    (King George V is my 12th cousin, 3x removed.)

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