Princess Martha Louise Speaks At A Conference

  May 28, 2015 at 12:48 pm by

Princess Martha Louise

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Norway’s Princess Martha Louise spoke at the Frambu Centre for Rare Disorders which is celebrating its 60th anniversary in Siggerud. Frambu provides services to children and adults who suffer with over 120 different rare and diagnoses rare disorders.

During her speech, Princess Martha Louise said that she was impressed with what Frambu centre has had to offer: “Frambu is a pioneering center in many areas-both in Norway and internationally, and I am impressed with what you’ve got. I know for example that you assist several European countries to build up provisions for people with rare disorders. And that you are keen to explore new ways to spread their expertise – to reach as many as possible.” To read The Princess’s full speech, click here.

The Princess wore a creamy white lace dress matched with a white blazer.

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