Harry Does The Haka On Fifth Day in New Zealand

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Prince Harry spent his fifth day in New Zealand at the Linton Army Base near Wellington, where he spent time touring the base and speaking with soldiers before being taught the haka.

The first part of his visit to the Base was inspecting one of the Defence Force’s armoured cars. Harry climbed in and commented that it felt “familiar” to be back in one of the vehicles. Harry spoke with a number of injured soldiers and their families during a lunch in the Officers’ Mess.

Then, after watching the soldiers perform the Ngāti Tūmatauenga, the New Zealand Army version of the haka, once, the Prince was given 15 minutes to learn it before he himself joined the group for a second performance.

“Given the time restraints, in trying to teach him I know it was a bit difficult trying to learn the actions and the words, so I think he did really well,” Warrant Officer Class 2 Brett Pene, who instructed the Prince, said later.

In the afternoon, Prince Harry played a game of touch rugby with local school children, after seeing a cultural performance and being shown some of the base’s training activities.

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