Happy Birthday Prince Maximilian of Liechtenstein

  May 16, 2015 at 1:00 am by

Click on the image to view on www.unofficialroyalty.com

Click on the image to view on www.unofficialroyalty.com

Prince Maximilian Nikolaus Maria of Liechtenstein was born on May 16, 1969 in Switzerland as the second son of Prince Hans-Adam II and Princess Marie.

Prince Maximilian studied his school years and university in Germany. A few years later he received his MBA from Harvard Business School. He has worked in New York and in Germany.

Prince Maximilian of Liechtenstein is married, his wife’s name is Angela Gisela Brown and they have one son together. Their son is Prince Alfons Constantin Maria of Liechtenstein and he was born on May 18, 2001.

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4 Responses to Happy Birthday Prince Maximilian of Liechtenstein

  1. Bea Franklin says:

    Happy birthday HRH and many more birthdays.

  2. Lisa Bohl says:

    Happy Birthday, Prince Maximilian! & Happy Birthday to your son, Prince Alfons! My birthday is, May 19. I bet we are cousins, somewhere along an ancestral line. Enjoy your special days! Lady Lisa

  3. NATALYA says:

    Happy Birthdays to the two Princes of Liechtenstein !

  4. Frederick von Ebert says:

    Happy Birthday to Prince Maximilian, of a great royal lineage. I am interested to know if the Prince’s linage inherited the same ancestor DNA visible genetic markers at birth as did Czar Nicholas 11 and his son Alexi. Czar Nickolas 11 two uncles inherited the same as did his German cousin who’s mother was Queen Victoria’s eldest daughter Vicky, who married a German Prince. The inherited visible DNA ancestor markers continue to be passed down in a few royals then and now.

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