Queen Elizabeth Attends Launch of King George III’s Private Archive Collection

  April 1, 2015 at 11:54 am by

Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II attended the launch of the archives of King George III’s private papers. The launch took place at Windsor Castle.

It has been said that it was the first time that Her Majesty had seen these documents, they were previously locked up in the royal family archives. Dr Joanna Newman, international vice principal of King’s College London, said The Queen joked “you don’t get gifts like that anymore.” She added that, “The Queen said she was stunned by the beauty of the gifts and letters.”

Among the documents that The Queen viewed was a letter to King George III from a spy, letter from Father John Jay to George Washington, 200-year-old poetry book which was given to the royal family in 1812 by the Shah of Persia, Fath Ali.

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