A Purple Mother-Daughter Name Day Celebration in Sweden

  March 12, 2015 at 5:15 pm by

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Crown Princess Victoria of Sweden celebrated her name day today in Stockholm with her daughter Estelle by her side.

Both Princesses were dressed in purple overcoats for the ceremony, which takes place annually on March 12 in the courtyard of the Royal Palace. The Royal Life Guards and the Swedish Army Marching Band provided entertainment for the mother-daughter duo – Estelle clapping and jigging along to the beat – and the large group of well-wishers, performing a number of songs including the “Crown Princess Victoria Festive March” and ABBA’s “Does Your Mother Know”.

The Crown Princess then spent quite some time greeted the well-wishers and accepting bouquets of flowers, while three-year-old Estelle hung out with her nanny Katie. “She told me that the melodies were very nice, and I agree,” Princess Victoria told reporters of Estelle’s opinion of the ceremony.

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