Guillaume & Stéphanie Mark War Anniversary in Vianden

  February 13, 2015 at 10:14 pm by

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The Hereditary Grand Duke and Grand Duchess of Luxembourg were present for commemorations that mark the 70th anniversary of the liberation of the north-eastern town of Vianden on Thursday night.

Accompanied by Francine Closener, the Secretary of State for Defence, the couple attended a church service at the Trinitarian Church where the eleven American soldiers who died fighting to achieve Luxembourg’s liberation were honoured.

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Guillaume and Stéphanie also laid a wreath at the World War Two memorial in the town’s Place de la Résistance, before attending a reception at the town hall where an exhibition documented the reconstruction of Vianden in the years following the war.

Vianden was the final location in Luxembourg to be liberated, when, on February 12, the US 1255th Engineer Combat Battalion entered the town and gained control of Vianden’s higher ground. The Nazis were cleared from the area on February 22.

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One Response to Guillaume & Stéphanie Mark War Anniversary in Vianden

  1. Heinz Stumpf says:

    Vianden was not cleared by the Nazis but from German troops – which is a big difference………………

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