Royals Rank Amongst World’s Most Admired

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A new poll by market research firm YouGov has seen several royals ranking within the top twenty of the ‘Most Admired’ for their respective countries.

The poll, which had 25,000 respondents in 23 countries, asked ‘Who do you truly admire?’ and ‘Who do you most admire?’, with respondents selecting from a list of 25 worldwide figures and 5 popular local figures.

Britain’s Queen Elizabeth II was the highest ranked royal on the ‘World’s Most Admired’ list, coming in at number four on the female side, behind Angelina Jolie, Malala Yousafzai and Hillary Clinton. The Duchess of Cambridge polled at 15, while the Duke of Cambridge came in at equal 16th in the male poll.

Within the United Kingdom itself, the Queen came in first on the female side. The Cambridges both polled at fifth, with Prince Harry number eight. Queen Elizabeth also made the list in the US, Germany, Russia, China, Egypt, Singapore and Nigeria. Catherine polled in the US, Germany, Russia and Singapore.

In Denmark, Crown Princess Mary tops the poll for women, with Queen Margrethe II coming in a close second. Crown Prince Frederik came second in the men’s poll.

Crown Princess Victoria of Sweden came in second in both the Swedish and Finnish polls,  while King Harald V of Norway just beat out the Dalai Lama to claim first position for Norway’s most admired male.

Queen Rania of Jordan was chosen for spot four in Egypt’s most admired female.

See the full poll results here.

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