New Year’s Courts Continue in Denmark

  January 7, 2015 at 6:37 pm by

The Danish New Year’s Courts have continued yesterday and today, with further receptions taking place at Christiansborg Palace.

Yesterday, Queen Margrethe hosted the Court for the diplomatic corps, of which 77 of the ambassadors presently with offices in Denmark attended (the Russian Ambassador did not). Many of the ambassadors choose to wear their country’s national costume for this event, which is attended by the Regent and Crown Princely couples.

View the full gallery at Kongehuset

The ambassadors are presented to the royal family in the¬†Riddersalen, where the two parties offer each other New Year greetings. As in previous years, Queen Margrethe and Prince Henrik were seated for the receiving line, due to various health issues (also as in previous years, Queen Margrethe wore her ‘uniform’ of a dark blue brocade evening gown with a long fur coat).

Earlier today, the Queen and Prince Henrik travelled to the Palace in a golden carriage dating back to 1840 to attend the Court for members of the defence forces, emergency services, and representatives of various national organisations and the royal patronages.

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