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Prince Philip Becomes The UK’s Oldest Duke

  January 1, 2015 at 7:45 am by

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Prince Philip, Duke of Edinburgh, became the oldest Duke in the United Kingdom after the Duke of Wellington passed away on December 31. He was 99, whilst Prince Philip is 93.

Arthur Valerian Wellesley, 8th Duke of Wellington, passed away at his residence in Hampshire. His death occurred six months before the two hundredth anniversary of the Battle of Waterloo. The late Duke of Wellington was appointed as Officer of the British Empire in 1958. He also has a long military career.

The Duke of Wellington married Diana McConnel in 1944, with whom he had five children. His eldest son married Princess Antonia of Prussia, a member of the defunct Prussian Royal Family, whose last reigning monarch was Kaiser Wilhelm II.

Prince Philip, Duke of Edinburgh was born as Prince Philip of Greece and Denmark in Corfu, Greece. He was christened as a Greek Orthodox, with Queen Olga of Greece and the then Mayor of Corfu acting as his godparents. Prince Philip married the then Princess Elizabeth (now Queen Elizabeth II) at Westminster Abbey in London, England on 20 November 1947. They have four children, eight grandchildren and four great-grandchildren.

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3 Responses to Prince Philip Becomes The UK’s Oldest Duke


  2. NATALYA says:

    Merry Christmas to the British royalties !

  3. Diana Lucia Zotescu says:

    May God give HRH Prince Philip many healthy happy years from now on or, as the English say, ‘Many Happy returnes’. He shares not just the same age as our most beloved King Michael of Romania, They were also close friends during Their childhood (King Michael’s mother was Helen of Greece, daughter of the King of Greece.) The fact that They both reached such an advancced age is a real blessing not just for Their respective Royal Families but for us, Their subject as well.

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