Princess Haya Presides Over Her Last FEI Annual Meeting

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Princess Haya of Jordan presided her last FEI General Assembly as President of the International Ecuestrian Federantion (FEI) in Baku, Azerbaijan. The Jordanian princess announced in August she will not stand for a third term, as she wants to prioritize her family and her two children.

During her stay in Azerbaijan she was received by the President, Ilham Aliyev, at the Presidential Palace in Baku.

On Sunday, on her final day as FEI President, the Princess presented the FEI Awards to the five winners who have made outstanding contributions to the growth of equestrian sport in 2014. Her Royal Highness was accompanied in this special day by her brother, Prince Ali bin Al Hussein, FIFA Vice President who joined her on stage.

From the TRF Avatar Gallery

In his speech, he brought tears to his sister’s eyes as he said: “There is one question she always asks when she meets someone that she looks up to, but it’s a question she has never actually asked me. She asks ‘If there is someone in the past you would like to see something you have done, and they would be proud of you, who is it?’ I would say tonight that I would love our late father and late mother to come back and see you right now. They would be so proud of you.”

Brother and sister joined hands as they watched a moving video of the key moments of Princess Haya’s family life, her sporting career and love of horses, and her eight years as FEI President. Also the Princess received a painting of her with a horse and the new FEI president, Ingmar De Vos, presented to her a diamond brooch.

Princess Haya has declared after this stage as FEI President she want to be more time with her two children, Sheikha Al Jalila and Sheikh Zayed, and try to be a good housewife.

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2 Responses to Princess Haya Presides Over Her Last FEI Annual Meeting

  1. NATALYA says:

    Respect to Princess Haya for Her Highness’ performance as the President of FEI.

  2. Diana Lucia Zotescu says:

    I will always have deep felings of appreciation and consideratiion for the Hashemite Royal Family for Their extremely positive role in that part of the world, but mainly for the exceptional relations and the friendship They have for our beloved Romanian Royal Family.

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