Infanta Cristina Remains Suspected Of Tax Fraud

  November 8, 2014 at 9:58 pm by

Magistrates of the High Court of Palma de Mallorca have ruled that Infanta Cristina, sister of King Felipe VI and daughter of King Juan Carlos I, will remain an official suspect and potentially stand trial on charges of tax fraud.

They have, however, dismissed charges of money laundering. “The Infanta knew her husband’s [Iñaki Urdangarín] actions with regard to taxes were irregular,” the magistrates’ writ argued. The writ also stated that the magistrates believe it “undeniable” that Infanta Cristina had contributed to defrauding the Spanish Tax Authority as she benefited from her husband’s actions.

In 2011, the news broke that Mr Urdangarín and his business partner, Diego Torres, were alleged to have siphoned €6million of public funds into their personal accounts through their company Nóos Institute.

It is still possible that Infanta Cristina will not actually have to see time in a court room (which is not expected to be until 2016), as the Botín Doctrine of the Spanish Court means that in cases where the accusation  does not come or is not supported by the public prosecutor or those directly affected, the accused does not need to appear. As the State Attorney’s Office and the public prosecutor do not believe they have enough concrete evidence against the Infanta, it is highly possible the case will be shelved.

Her lawyer, Miquel Roca, expressed his satisfaction that the money laundering charges were dropped.

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