Swedish Crown Princess Couple Visit Estonia

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Crown Princess Victoria and Prince Daniel have visited Estonia for two days where they visited Tallinn and Tartu.

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The Crown Princess Couple started their visit in Tallinn on October 28, where they visited the Broken Line Monument, which is in memory of those who lost their lives during the sinking of the Estonia Ferry. Whilst visiting the monument, Victoria laid a wreath and she and her husband talked to the members of the crowds.

Also on their visit to Tallinn, Victoria and Daniel met with the President of Estonia, Toomas Hendrik Ilves, and his wife, Evelin. President Ilves gave Victoria and Daniel a piece of graphic art, entitled “At Sea”, which was made in 1953 by Estonian artist Endel Kõksi. The artwork portrays the crossing of tens of thousands of Estonian immigrants over the Baltic Sea during the 1944 occupation.

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Then, Victoria visited the Swedish Business Awards, where she expressed her condolences about the incident where a fifteen year old student shot his teacher during class in Southern Estonia. The Swedish Business Awards event took place at the Kumu Art Museum, with the Estonian Prime Minister, Rõivas, in attendance. On the first day of the visit, a dinner was also hosted at the official residence of the Swedish Ambassador to Estonia and his wife.

On October 29, Victoria and Daniel visited the Estonian plant of Swedish company Ericsson. They then travelled to Tartu, where they visited the Estonian Student’s Society. After having lunch there, the Crown Princess Couple visited the Estonian National Museum in Tartu. They were shown the ethnography collection of “Fashion, Cultural and Heritage Diversity”.

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