Princess Laurentien Presents Her New Book

  October 6, 2014 at 7:45 pm by

On Sunday October 5th, Princess Laurentien presented her new fairytale book written along with the children’s author Paul van Loon.

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The presentation took place at the theme park “Efteling”. De Sprookjessprokkelaar, the title of the book, is about a fairy tale library situated in an old, abandoned castle. The book teaches the importance of reading and reading aloud.

The Princess was accompanied by her husband, Prince Constantijn, and their three children: Eloise, Claus-Casimir and Leonore.

This is the fourth book for Princess Laurentien. Between 2009 and 2013, she published a series of children’s books based on the adventures of the main character, Mr. Finney, dealing with issues like sustainability, climate change and environmental problems.

In March 2009, Princess Laurentien was designated the UNESCO Special Envoy on Literacy for Development. In February 2011, the Princess was appointed Chair of the European Commission’s High Level Group of Experts on Literacy.

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  1. NATALYA says:

    What a wonderful event in the life of literature! I wonder if Her Highness is planning to have her fairy tale book translated into English or Russian – the languages that will help me to read it.

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