Princess Marie Attends Conference on ADHD

  September 4, 2014 at 10:57 pm by

Today at the Hotel Comwell in Kolding, Princess Marie attended the opening session of the Danish ADHD Association’s annual conference.

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The Princess, wearing a white embellished jacket and black pants, was greeted by a group children from the local daycare centre.

During her time at the conference, Marie was present at a lecture by British psychology professor David Daley, who spoke of understanding the condition, and the best way to explain it to others. The lecture explored the typical symptoms of ADHD, and how environment and motivation play a role in how they are expressed in patients.

A message on the ADHD Association’s website thanked Princess Marie for her support of the conference. “It means a lot to all those who have ADHD in our lives to get recognition that their cause is worth fighting for,” said President of the Association, Jette Myglegaard.

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