Former King of Greece Holds Annual Memorial Service

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His Majesty King Constantine II, Former King of Greece, Queen Anne-Marie and Princess Irene held a private memorial service for King Paul and Queen Frederika of Greece on March 15 at the royal family’s former estate of Tatoi.

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King Pavlos and Queen Frederika had three children, King Constantine, Queen Sophia of Spain and Princess Irene. Members of the both the Spanish and Greek sides of the royal family attended a similar service in 2006. His Majesty King Pavlos passed away on March 6th, 1964 in Greece while her Majesty Queen Frederica on February 6th, 1981 in Spain. They are buried next to each other, with many other members of the family, on the former royal estate. The cemetary remains open to members of the royal family for burial and the last burial at Tatoi was that of Princess Katherine in October 2007.

Close-up of ribbon, showing initials

Posted with permission

This year’s service included the laying of wreaths on the tombs from all the members of the Greek and Spanish royal families. The wreaths, in the colors of the respective royal flags held the initials of the members of the families with a crown.

Since their return to Greece as private citizens, King Constantine has held the ceremony yearly and made “the tradition of inviting his parents’ members of staff, in whatever capacity, in a gesture to show his gratitude and respect for their loyalty and service.”

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