Prince Nikolaos will not head AEK Football Team

  January 29, 2009 at 4:15 pm by

Click photo to see more from Greek Royal Family Website.

Click photo to see more from Greek Royal Family Website.

Today the Greek Royal Family released a brief statement on their website in Greek denying that His Royal Highness Prince Nikolaos will be heading to Athens as the President of the AEK Football Team in February. The notice called the suggestions ‘unsubstantiated’ while noting that the Prince would like to see an early resolution for the team.

AEK is reportedly having financial troubles and was looking for a sponsor when it was reported that the team’s current President Nassos Thanopoulos had resigned but later chose to stay. Prince Nikolaos, who helps run the Anna-Maria Foundation from his father’s London office, is also a close friend of Thanopoulos and is rumored to have been providing some guidance to the shareholders behind the scenes during the crisis.

More information on Prince Nikolaos’ current events are in this thread.

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