King Juan Carlos Announces Abdication

  June 2, 2014 at 8:32 am by

The King of Spain, Juan Carlos I, has today announced his abdication.

“A new generation must be at the forefront…younger people with new energies,” the King said in a television speech this afternoon, “Prince Felipe has the maturity and preparation to be king.”

The news was initially announced by Prime Minister Rajoy, in a surprise press conference. “King Juan Carlos has just communicated to me his will to give up the throne.   I’m convinced this is the best moment for change,” the Prime Minister said.

He will be succeeded by his only son, Felipe, the Prince of Asturias. A specific date for the change-over has not been announced, as the Spanish cabinet must meet to determine exactly how the abdication will take place as it is not specified in Spanish law.

King Juan Carlos has been King of Spain since 1975, following the death of General Franco.

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