Prince Gabriel’s First Communion

  May 24, 2014 at 10:17 pm by

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The Luxembourg Grand Ducal Family today celebrated their first communion of Prince Gabriel, the elder son of Prince Louis and Princess Tessy.

Taking place at the Saint Michael Church in Luxembourg City, the event was attended by the whole Grand Ducal Family, including great-grandfather Jean, as well as members of the Antony family. The Grand Duke’s siblings were also present.

Prince Gabriel’s communion mass was presided over by Archbishop Jean-Claude Hollerech, former Bishop Fernand Franck, Grand Ducal Court Chaplain Canon Francois Muller,  Canon Georges Vuillermoz, Abbé Albert Franck and Abbé Jean-Pierre Reiners.

Both of the Prince’s godparents, Princess Alexandra and Ronny Antony, spoke during the ceremony, before photographs were taken to mark the event.

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