Princess Margarita and Prince Radu Visit Israel

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Crown Princess Margarita and Prince Radu of Romania have paid the first visit of a member of the Romanian Royal Family to Israel since the state’s formation in 1948.

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The couple arrived in Jerusalem on Tuesday, where they spent the day at the Knesset (Israeli Parliament), meeting with various politicians: Ruth Calderon, Deputy Speaker; Yael German, Minister of Health; and Zeev Elkin, Deputy Minister of Foreign Affairs. Topics of discussion in these meetings included the relations between Romania and Israel, potential trade projects, the influences of the Jewish population on European culture, the development of modern Romania, and joint trade missions.

On Tuesday evening, Prince Radu held a lecture at the Hebrew University of Israel, where he spoke on the topic ‘Democracy and Public Institutions’. He and Princess Margarita also visited a library focusing on Jewish history.

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Wednesday saw the couple spend time at the Yad Vashem Holocaust Memorial, where they were given a guided tour of the facilities. Crown Princess Margarita and Prince Radu viewed the Hall of Names, a specially designed room which features 600 portraits of Jewish Holocaust victims. The room also contains binders which document 4,000,000 victims of the Holocaust.

At the end of their visit to Yad Vashem, Princess Margarita and Prince Radu laid a wreath of flowers in the Hall of Remembrances. The Yad Vashem has a previous connection with the Romanian Royal Family, as the Crown Princess’s grandmother, Queen Mother Helen, was given the honorific title ‘Righteous Amongst the Nations’ by the Yad Vashem for her work with Romanian Jews during World War II.

The day ended with a visit to a souvenir shop in the Old City, and a visit to the Wailing Wall. The couple are expected to also visit the Har-Hotzvim Medical Center Edith Wolsfson before they depart Israel later this week.

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  1. Lowell says:

    Wonderful visit. However, you call it the “Wailing Wall”, a centuries old pejorative term. The correct name is the Western Wall, as this was the western retaining wall of the Temple Mount atop which stood the temple of Solomon. As the Muslim Waqf has control of the mount, Christians and Jews have extremely limited access to the site, thereby making the Western Wall the holiest site in Judaism.

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