Prince George’s Playdate

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Prince George earned himself a playdate whilst visiting a playgroup yesterday, which was organized by The Royal New Zealand Plunket Society and was held at Government House in Wellington. This is also the little Prince’s first public engagement.

The little Prince socialized with ten other babies who were specially selected to meet him. All of the babies were of a similar age to George. George seemed to be getting along well with his peers, although he made two special friends, Paige and Eden. Another baby’s father said that George and his daughter had “a lot of fun” playing on the drums together. The Duchess of Cambridge tried to soothe little Paige by stroking her head gently.

View the full image at The Daily Mail

Prince George wore comfortable-looking blue smocked Rachel Riley dungarees. He seemed to be amused by the toys and was particularly fond of one of them.

The Duke of Cambridge later said that the visit was “madness”, and that “there were babies everywhere”. The Duchess tried to interact with George’s newly made friends, although they were pre-occupied with their toys. One parent was chatting to Kate about her son Lucas’s progress, saying that he has more teeth than George, who currently has “four or five teeth”, according to his mother.

Kate also exclaimed that this was the most amount of babies that George has played with, and that he does have playdates with other babies at home, but not as many as this. The Duchess of Cambridge then said that her son was “bubbly, quite feisty and he took control” during his visit to the Plunket Playgroup.

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