Emir Of Qatar Visits Jordan

  April 1, 2014 at 4:31 am by

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Qatar Emir Sheikh Tamim Bin Hamad Al Thani paid a one day official visit to Jordan where he met with King Abdullah II on March 30. The Emir was welcomed at at the Marka Airport by His Majesty King Abdullah II and Prince Ali Bin Al Hussein. The two leaders then left for Basman Palace where a lunch took place for the Emir and his delegation. The Emir of Qatar and King Abdullah also held talks where they discussed bilateral, Arab and regional issues. Later that evening, Sheikh Tamim left Jordan where he was seen off by King Abdullah II.

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One Response to Emir Of Qatar Visits Jordan

  1. Lowell Blackman says:

    I salute the royals of Europe with their long history and their respect for democracy and the civil and human rights of their people.

    But I cannot consider these desert potentates royals as, in the 21st Century, they rule autocratically with iron fists and harsh punishment and deny civil rights to their people as they also persecute minorities among the populace.

    They were installed by European colonial powers to protect and foster European colonial interests and at no time in post-colonial history have the Europeans – democracies and constitutional monarchies themselves – challenged or criticized their backward and abysmal record on human rights as they court them and pay homage to them because of black gold.

    It is a scandal.

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