Breakfast With Prince Georg Friedrich

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Prince Georg Friedrich of Prussia opened the exhibition “Déjeuner Royal – Frühstücks- Service aus vier Jahrhunderten” (Royal breakfast – breakfast service from four centuries) on April 5. The exhibition will run from April 6 till June 28 at the tower of castle of Hohenzollern. Two tables with china wear will be displayed as well as various other items from the 17th, 18th, 19th and 20th century. A set of travel dishware of Frederick the Great is one of the most interesting things of the exhibition. The exhibition is a cooperation between Burg Hohenzollern, the castle of the houses of Hohenzollern, and the royal porcelain factory (Königlichen Porzellanmanufaktur) in Berlin.

Prince Georg Friedrich (32) is the head of the royal family of Prussia. He succeeded his grandfather in 1993, as his older uncles married morganatically. Burg Hohenzollern is maintained by both the royal as the princely branch of the house of Hohenzollern. More information about the castle on their official website, here.

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