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April started with a busy agenda for Prof. Mr. Pieter van Vollenhoven, husband of Princess Margriet of The Netherlands. On April 3rd Van Vollenhoven went to militairy airbase Gilze-Rijen where he received a special decoration. Pieter received the number 40, that goes with the officers cross that he reiceived 25 years ago. Pieter van Volenhoven has been a reserve officer for 40 years now, hence the number.

A day later, on saturday, Pieter van Vollenhoven went to a special evening to mark the International Year of Astronomy at the NEMO science center, Amsterdam. Here Pieter was presented with an official document and a picture of the planetoide 12170 ”Van Vollenhoven” which has been named after Prof. Mr. Pieter van Vollenhoven. The planet ‘Van Vollenhoven’ is a rock mini planet with a diameter of several miles which turns around the sun in a line between the planets Mars and Jupiter.

Yesterday, the professor went to Amersfoort to be the first to use a special simulator that the Dutch Railways (NS) will use to train treir railway engineers. In 1984 Pieter van Vollenhoven was named as chairman of the advisory counsil of train accidents, that would later merge into the national safety counsil of which he is a chairman today.

But that is not all, later this month there will be a party on Utrecht to celebrate Pieter’s 70th birthday, among the guests will be family, friends and other relations. And there will also be a few special television programme’s about Pieter van Vollenhoven in the week before his birthday on April 30th.

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