Queen Paola and Queen Mathilde Visit “Child Focus”

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On Friday January 31th in Brussels, Queen Paola and Queen Mathilde visited the headquarter of the “Child Focus” foundation for a special occasion: Queen Mathilde was appointed as Honorary President of the foundation. The Queen succeeded to her mother-in-law Queen Paola, who was Honorary President since 2002.

The mission of the foundation is to provide operational support to investigations surrounding the disappearance and sexual exploitation of children and to prevent and combat the disappearance and sexual exploitation of children.

Queen Mathilde and Queen Paola attended a roundtable with Heidi De Pauw, General Director of Child Focus, and Jean-Louis Duplat, Chairman of Child Focus.

During the press conference the General Dicrector expressed her pleasure to have Queen Mathilde as Honorary Chairman, saying that, “We are obviously very honored that Queen Matilda has agreed to take over Queen Paola as the honorary president. It is really within her field of interest.”

Queen Mathilde said that the foundation can count on her support. The “Child Focus” foundation was created in 1996.

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  1. Mavis Fraser says:

    Queen Paula looks stunning in her new hair cut. Very nice.

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