Spanish Royal Christmas 2013

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Members of the Spanish Royal Family gathered at the Zarzuela Palace on Christmas Eve to watch the annual Christmas Message of His Majesty the King.

This years Christmas Message is the 38th televised address by the Spanish Monarch. The King defend the unity of Spain and also spoke of the economic and financial crisis which has bedeviled the Spanish economy. Its believed that Infanta Cristina, accompanied by her husband and children were at Zarzuela Palace on Christmas Eve. Infanta Elena and her daughter, Doña Victoria Federica de Marichalar later travelled to the Baqueira-Beret ski resort in the Spanish Pyrenees where they were photographed skiing. Infanta Cristina, accompanied by her husband and children arrived in Vitoria ,northern Spain to spend the rest of the Christmas Holidays with the Urdangarín family. Neither of the Kings sisters attended the annual Family get together. Over the past few years, Infanta Pilar has prefered to spend Christmas with her children and grandchildren.
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