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Queen Mathilde Marks Universal Children’s Day

  November 20, 2013 at 10:43 pm by

The Queen of the Belgians today attended events in Brussels to mark the Universal Children’s Day.

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Queen Mathilde began her day by attending a roundtable meeting organised by UNICEF Belgium, of which she is patron. Wearing a simple deep purple dress matched with a grey overcoat, the Queen delivered a speech in which she spoke of need for quality education for all children worldwide.

“Despite much progress, 57 million children still do not have access to primary school education…I support all efforts to change the fate of these children. We can not remain indifferent,” Queen Mathilde told the gathered audience, which included the President of UNICEF Belgium, Eddy Boutmans. The roundtable’s aim was to discuss education worldwide and the social inequality of the Belgian education system.

In the afternoon, the Queen attended a concert performed by the children’s choir Shanti! Shanti!.

Universal Children’s Day is an initiative arranged by UNICEF in 1954, to promote worldwide fraternity and understanding between children.

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2 Responses to Queen Mathilde Marks Universal Children’s Day

  1. Queen Mathilde is clearly a warm, down to earth person. Witness the huge smiles on the faces of the children as they saw her. The darling child in the yellow outfit with her arms outstretched as she fell into the Queen’s arms and was quickly enfolded with a wonderful hug! Absolutely precious! Queen Mathilde is a treasure!

  2. NATALYA says:

    Very remarkable day and very important speech made by Her Majesty! This activity is impossible to overestimate. My sincerest respect!

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