The Prince of Wales Meets Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas

  February 9, 2009 at 10:01 pm by

February 6, 2009. The Palestinian President was in London this week and met The Prince of Wales on Friday at Clarence House.

After weeks of a cruel war in the Gaza Strip this visit of Mahmoud Abbas in London was something everybody was talking about and so the meeting with The Prince of Wales seemed to be more than daily routine.

The two men posed for a official pic at Clarence House before they had some private talks.

See this thread for photos of the meeting.

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2 Responses to The Prince of Wales Meets Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas

  1. AUNTIE says:

    Are we not meant to be free of political opinions? Calling the war in Gaza cruel, is stating a political opinion. There are those who claim the war was retaliation to years of mortar fire towards Israel. Have you seen how Hammas treated Fatah during the civilian strife a few years back? Now that is cruel in my opinion, but I won’t publicize it on a royal forum.

  2. Elspeth says:

    War is cruel regardless of who’s involved. For the purposes of this blog, as long as nobody’s using it as a platform to make overtly political statements, the blog editors have no problem with content that links royals to the reality of politics and world affairs. – Elspeth (blog/news coordinator)

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