Mary’s Saturday of Fun

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Saturday April 4th was a fun-filled day for Crown Princess Mary, as she undertook two engagements in different cities. Mary’s first engagement was the acceptance of a donation for the Christmas Seal Foundation (Julemærkefonden).

Click the image to see more from TV2

Click the image to see more from TV2

As patron of the foundation, Mary accepted the 250,000DKK collected in 2008 to go towards the Christmas Seal Homes for children, the four in Denmark currently deal with obesity. The Christmas Seal Foundation has been raising money to help children who have specific needs for over 100 years. The event took place at LEGOLand in Billund, where an elaborate performance was made for the royal visitor, with a pirate opening a locked treasure chest to reveal the amount of money raised. Mary also took the time to have a spin on some of LEGOLand’s rides.

Following her fun at LEGOLand, the Crown Princess headed north to The Old Town in Aarhus. Here, she opened the exhibition “Evening Wear 1909-2009”. Mary was greeted by the ten-year-old flower girl before walking to the Elsinore Theatre, where she made a speech officially opening the exhibition, before viewing the clothing on show. Mary said in her speech, “By looking to see The Old Town’s 100 years…we can by looking backward, be inspired, both in present and future.” A video of Mary at the event can be found here, along with an article in Danish. Her speech, in Danish, can be read here.

More information about the Crown Princess’ work with the Christmas Seal Foundation can be found here.
More pictures on her attendance at the evening wear exhibition can be found here.

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