Danish Royals help celebrate Home Guard’s 60th Anniversary

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The Danish Royal Family was out in force on Wednesday April 1st to help the Danish Home Guard celebrate their 60th anniversary. The eyes of royal-watchers were split between Crown Princess Mary in her military uniform and Princess Marie’s baby bump.

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Click to see more from Fyens

After being promoted to lieutenant in the Home Guard in February, Denmark’s future Queen joined her fellow officiers of the Total Defence Region Copenhagen in the parade’s celebration. Also in the parade after completing her training was Mary’s private secretary and lady-in-waiting Caroline Herring (who looked quite powerful holding a rifle!).

Queen Margrethe II inspected the Guard as Denmark’s Commander-in-Chief, after she and several Home Guard leaders made speeches. She also presented medals to soldiers who had protected Denmark in past years.

On the other side of the podium, the expectant Princess Marie sat with her husband Joachim, brother-in-law Frederik and father-in-law Henrik. Due in little over a month with her first child, Marie doned a bone military-style coat and dark beret-style hat representing the event’s purpose.

Crown Prince Frederik and Crown Princess Mary then attended a dinner celebrating the anniversary.

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