King Philippe and Queen Mathilde in Wavre

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King Philippe and Queen Mathilde on Tuesday September 10th visited Wavre in the Province of Walonian-Brabant.

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At the arrival in Wavre, the Royal Couple were welcomed in the Town Hall by the Mayor Charles Michel and the Governor Marie-José Laloy. After signing the guestbook, the King and the Queen went to the streets of Wavre to take a walk and be greeted by the people.

During the walk the Royal Couple, as suggestion of the Mayor, touched the buttocks of the “Maca Statue” the embleme of the city and a symbol of the rebellious and sassy spirit of Brabant and it’s a guarantee of prosperity and happiness.

After the walk King Philippe and Queen Mathilde attended a working lunch at the Provincial Institute of Secondary Education (IPES) where they discussed issues like social cohesion and economic development of the Walloon Brabant. Were present the President of the Chamber of Notaries and the director of social real estate agency.

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