Princess Mabel opens “Movies that Matter” Film Festival

  April 3, 2009 at 12:59 am by

Last night, Princess Mabel of Orange-Nassau (in her position as director of The Elders) officially opened Amnesty International’s “Movies that Matter” film festival in The Hague.

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Accompanied by her husband, Queen Beatrix’s middle son Prince Friso, Mabel stated, “Movies can of course play an important role in connecting us beyond our own borders and in inspiring change. That is what Movies That Matter is all about – explaining big issues in accessible ways and helping us to understand what is happening beyond the limits of our own experience,” in the speech she delivered to open the film festival. The festival’s opening film was Pray the Devil Back to Hell.

There are two sections of the festival, the first is ‘A Matter of ACT’ which focuses on documentaries featuring human rights defenders, and the second ‘Camera Justitia’ which is films discussing debates on international law and justice.

Princess Mabel has been the Chief Executive Officer of The Elders since May 2008. More information about her work with The Elders can be found here.

More information and pictures of Mabel and Friso’s attendance at the film festival can be found here.

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