Prince Friso Laid To Rest

  August 17, 2013 at 12:00 am by

Prince Friso of Orange-Nassau was laid to rest yesterday afternoon, in a private funeral at the Stulpkerk in Lage Vuursche.

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His bereaved family made their way to the church on foot from Drakensteyn Castle, Prince Friso’s childhood home. The Prince’s two daughters, Countesses Luana and Zaria, along with his nieces and nephews were all wearing white outfits.

The ninety minute service was led by Reverend Carel ter Linden, who spoke of the man Friso was, and what he meant to his family and friends. He also spoke to Prince Friso’s two daughters, remembering how much he loved the girls and the things they did together: games with Luana, reading books; building things with Zaria, airplanes and volcanoes.

King Willem-Alexander and Prince Constantijn, the late Prince’s two brothers, along with four of his childhood friends were the pallbearers taking his casket to his final resting place in the church’s cemetery.

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