Mathilde’s Fashion As She Becomes Queen

  July 22, 2013 at 4:07 am by

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As all eyes where on Belgium’s new King and Queen yesterday, it must have been a difficult choice to choose the outfit that would be remembered.

As it came to no surprise, the new Queen choose a designer she tends to go to for many official and unofficial events, Natan by Edouard Vermeulen.

For the religious ceremony, King Philippe taking the oath, abdication ceremony of King Albert and National Day celebration, the designer created a fitted cream knee length dress with a folded neckline and a deep cut back with a few buttons going down the back. Queen Mathilde accessorised her outfit with cream gloves, neutral clutch and matching heels. Her hat was by Fabienne Delvigne, a designer royals tend to go to see here.

Mathilde’s second outfit for the day was a colorful printed fitted dress with asymmetrical folds while attending the park celebrations see here. The dress was by Natan. The third look was an evening look, a grey dress with navy print see here. The dress was matched with lovely satin navy pumps.

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