Support for Danish Monarchy Increases

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According to a recent poll undertaken by YouGov, support for the monarchy in Denmark as a form of government has increased in recent years. This was not the popularity of each individual member, which typically fluctuates over time, but the monarchy as a whole.

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The 1,015 respondents, who were polled in June this year and were aged between 18 and 74, delivered a result which saw support for the monarchy increase for the first time in 21 years.

58% of the respondents said they wanted the monarchy to remain as the form of government in Denmark, 31% said they wanted a republic, and 11% said they did not know. This is an increase from a 2009 poll conducted by Analsye Denmark; which had results of 45% supporting the monarchy and 34% supporting a republic.

When looking back even further, to 1992, a Gallup poll had support at 72% and republicanism at 15%. 65-22 was the percentage in 1997 repeat poll, which makes it clear that there has been a reverse in public opinion in recent years.

Royal historian Lars Hovbakke Sørensen told Sondags Avisen that the results of the poll could be linked to two things: the newer members of the royal family (including children) which has highlighted the family’s unification within themselves and with the people, and the royal family’s avoidance of personal scandals.

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